Once and For Always

I love January. It welcomes in the year and offers new opportunities to explore. There is a vibrant energy and all things seem possible. I make my list of 100 Things to Do and pack it full of fun and sometimes challenging things to do. I guess some of them are resolutions; most of them are just for fun.

Make fresh spring rolls. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon. Make a new soup every month.

There are some Things to Do that seem to stay on the list year after year. And you know what? There’s one of them that I just HAVE to get done this year so it never shows up on another list again…

Lose 70 pounds once and for always.

I’m down two pounds this week despite the vat of wine and mound of risotto I consumed Saturday night. It was a fun night with dear friends and worth every Weight Watchers point (sure do love the weekly allowance for nights like this). Here's to losing this weight once and for all.

Photo courtesy of chiranjibmazumdar.blogspot.com

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