Accountability for Body Honor

So, you've made it here to my blog and for that I thank you.  I've invited you here, a small circle of friends I love and respect, to ask for your help. If you read the section to the right titled "Body Honor", it will explain the purpose of this blog. (I'll pause now for you to read the paragraph to the right of this post :).

Here's where I need your support my friends...I let myself off the hook WAY to easily. I lack discipline when it comes to this body thing. I've got to be honest here...I need your help to hold me accountable.

Doesn't that sound like fun? I'm actually giving you permission to ask me how it's going, to question my food and beverage choices, to measure my...well, nevermind, I'll do that myself.

This is really scary for me as I'm not used to putting myself out there and being this raw and real about my body. You're going to know what I weigh! It's silly because I know that you KNOW I'm overweight...but there's something about putting a number to it. You know what I mean? It's a little embarrassing and yet I know that this is exactly what I need. To be honest about where I am and to ask for help.

My goal is to post on the blog weekly to share my ups and downs, along with my weight loss (or, let's face it - potential gain), and to post monthly progress photos. I'm committed to the Weight Watcher plan (counting points) and have set a goal to workout four days per week. Weigh-in day is Sunday - that's probably the day that I'll post.

I hope you'll check in weekly. I hope that you'll post comments with tips, encouragements and challenges. I hope that you'll share your own story. If you think this blog might inspire others, please pass it on. Most importantly I hope that you'll come along on this journey with me my dear accountability partners!


  1. Hey baby. I am so proud of you. Know that I will do everything I can to love and support you through this process.

  2. Rella...you are the most beautiful person i know. I admire your ability to engage others in this arduos journey, i am right here!!

  3. I totally get why you are doing this, and, of course, I will help you. I just want you to fully understand that you ARE very beautiful! You are encouraging, thoughtful and generous. I love you.

  4. I am all in! You are inspiring, beautiful, thought provoking and BRAVE. I know through this journey you will find answers to your own questions, find joy in knowing you can accomplish whatever you choose to and in the process inspire many others to do the same ( me included!). Know that you have a team in Portland rooting for you, squishies and all!

  5. Way to go, Cindy Girl
    You are inspiring me.Love you.