Grateful, Thankful

Today I find myself a little overwhelmed with all that I have...all that God has given to me. My life is so joy-filled by a circle of amazing friends and a loving family. My home and my fuzzy slippers are both warm on this cold morning. I have spent the weekend in creative mode - making presents, scrapbooking, watching chick flicks, enjoying music...a truly peaceful, hunker-down kind of weekend…calm and rejuvenating after a truly long week.

I've also been reflecting on the training I was in this past week in San Francisco. My brain was stuffed with every nonprofit proven practice and grant writing trick of the trade there is, and I was constantly reminded about how far off my nonprofit is from a healthy norm. My mind would begin to spin like the Tasmanian devil and I frantically tried to capture the list in my head of all the things that I needed to do. By the end of the week I was mentally exhausted. Sounds a lot different than the weekend I'm having, doesn't it?

When I'm all caught up in my head and focused there, I find it really hard to be aware of what my body and my spirit are telling me. I keep trying to seek the perfect balance between the three...isn't that the goal? I don't know about you but I'm tired of trying to seek perfect balance, and I realize that maybe it's not about balance at all but about surrender.

That's what this blog is about, I guess...my surrender.

I think I made wise body choices this week. I counted points and walked around the City twice a day. My weigh-in tells me that I lost 3.2 pounds. That’s great and yet what I am most aware of is the need to daily surrender my balance-seeking to God, let go of the quest for perfection, and find the joy in this journey. 


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