Time for an Etch-a-Sketch

Yes, it's time for an Etch-a-Sketch.

I'm at the point of giving up and rather than do that I am going to take a short break from my efforts. I am going to start over with a new starting weight, new goals, but the same 10K training plan that I've been following.

People, I am D-O-N-E done. Still want to honor my body but I don't want it to feel like I'm carrying an entire family of elephants on my shoulders.

Somehow I've lost sight of my purpose and I know that I need to step back and reevaluate my process. My friend Melissa recently suggested to me (during our really fun Oscar brunch) that maybe I could make this a game with myself. Not focus so much on the rules I've set (and there are more rules than I even imagined) but on the fun that can be found during the journey.

Maybe I could create a board game where I roll to see what the next move is. Maybe it's measurements versus the scale. Maybe it's more beach walks and less timed running.

You may not see my posts for awhile; however, don't worry - I'm not giving up. Just reevaluating my focus and what it is that I really want out of this effort. So...until I come back to you with the next post...might I suggest that you etch-a-sketch something in your life? It's actually a REALLY energizing feeling.

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I Gotta Move it, Move it

Isn’t it amazing what a full week of exercise can do for a woman? Don’t I look AWESOME? (Clearly not me…not YET anyway).

I’m two pounds down and let’s all say it together: EXERCISE.

It’s honestly the key to my success. It’s just how my body works. If I put my focus on exercise and moving my body, the good food choices seem to come easier; and if I eat a little too much or eat something not quite on the plan, I’m still ok…my body simply responds to workouts. She loves them!

It's funny how my mind tries to convince me that I don't love them. Nearly every time I'm finished working out I feel healthier and more alive. I wonder why I fight the workout so often? Seems silly if I know I'm going to feel GREAT afterwards.

Dance. Run. Take the stairs. Walk the block. Zumba. Cycle.

I know that the body I want will only come with my dedication to exercise. I gotta move it, move it.


Run, Cindy, Run!

I’m going to try a new focus. Watching the numbers on the scale is not motivating me right now and I’m not being successful in my loss. I just don’t seem to care right now, and if I don’t care, then I know I will not see change. I feel like a lump…like I’m just sitting here waiting for change rather than really working for it.

This week I’m going to focus on miles walked/run. This week I signed up for a 10K in May – money is paid and it’s a flat run by the water which is my favorite. I have a set run schedule and now that I’m healthier I’m going to work the schedule. Maybe a new focus will shake things up.

I also realize that sometimes it’s ok to etch-a-sketch…to start all over again and I may just do that. But if I do that then I discount the real struggle I’m going through to lose and isn’t the struggle an important thing to take note of and appreciate?

So for now…I will focus on a new mantra for the week and see how it goes….
Run, Cindy, Run!

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