If "slow and steady wins the race" is truly a crown jewel mantra in weight loss, then I shall be queen. I'm not surprised that I lost just one pound and it's ok. I'm healthier this week than I was last week, I was aware of the choices that I made, and for these things I celebrate.

You may know that I'm currently enrolled in a coaching certification program. I love it...it's right up my alley. Part of the certification is to have a coaching buddy that we practice with throughout the 16 week course. My coaching partner Mike and I have a great connection and he's the reason that I posted the photo of a lighthouse.

I was sharing my weight loss journey with him and he asked me some questions about why I want to lose weight, how I will be different when I've lost the weight, etc. I told him that the main reason I want to lose the weight is so that the light inside of me can shine brighter. Anytime you have a weight (no pun intended) around your shoulders, it's hard to feel really free to fully shine. And I really want to shine so that I am filled with light and energy to give to others.

Mike reminded me that all operating lighthouses have a groundskeeper. The groundskeeper makes sure that the building is kept in good repair. She fixes things when they're broken. She tends the landscaping and paints the fences to make sure the grounds are inviting to visitors. If the groundskeeper were to let the building fall apart, chances are good that the light structure inside the lighthouse would also fall apart. And, if the light went out, what would happen to all of the lost and lonely people at sea?

I really embraced this visual. It makes sense to me. My body houses my very special spirit. As groundskeeper of my body I have to do all I can to take care of it so that my light can continue to shine; that I can share that light freely with the people I love...and those I have yet to meet and will love.

I have a little wooden lighthouse sitting on my desk at home - got it from the dollar store. You know my crafty side...I brought it home and made it my own. Let me know if you'd like a lighthouse...I'll make you one, too.

Here's a little inspiration for you, my fellow light-shiners. I love you!

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  1. You are a shining light for many- most importantly though you have to shine for yourself! You are doing amazing work- proud of you here!