Retrain the Brain

I think, therefore I am. Deeply philosophical for a Sunday, yes? 
Our thoughts are incredibly powerful. I know that the thoughts I think can influence the way that I perceive things and even the way that I feel. I realized this week that the true focus of my work over the next few months is going to be retraining my brain to think differently about many things.
Myself. Exercise. Pop Chips.
I don’t know many people who think of weight loss as fun because it’s hard work. I do have friends that think exercise is fun and actually choose to make time for it EVERY DAY. I, on the other hand, gained a little this week…and I only worked out twice. I know there is an immediate correlation.
I could tell you that it was a busy week filled with early mornings, late nights and special events. I could tell you how tired I’ve been. And I know that as my accountability partners you would tell me that I didn’t exercise because I didn’t choose to use my time to do so.
So, this week I’m going to think about exercise in a different way. I will focus on how good I feel when I’m finished with a workout. I’m going to enjoy the music.  I will mix-up my workouts to keep it interesting.  I’m parking far away from the building; I’m taking the stairs. I’m dancing all the way to and from my office (well, maybe not). This week I’m going to move, and I know I’m going to love it.
(Don’t tell my brain…but she’s being retrained!) 

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  1. You are so good! I am loving reading your posts :)
    Someone once told me ( when I asked the question... how do you do it? Workout EVERYDAY??? which is kinda inconcievable to me...) that you have to think about it like brushing your teeth- you wouldn't get up in the morning without doing it and it becomes habit. Talk about retraining the brain!! I thought that was definitely an interesting perspective- very different than my perspective!
    Love you! Keep up the good stuff! xoxo