Some of the White Stuff

Ah, the Christmas parties have begun. Fine wine, decadent meats, rich cheeses and all those baked goods. I'm happy to be entering this week two pounds down and look forward to seeing how well I navigate through the barrage of yummies I’m sure I’ll be tempted with this week.

This time of year it is so easy to become overwhelmed with all the things to get done, but today I'm breathing deeply and filled with peace. I am officially off work until January 3rd and I’m so excited to fill my life with some white space – time to just be, to enjoy the season and to count my many blessings. I look forward to baking and crafting and movie watching, and….

Wait a minute. There I go again. I’m already packing my free time full of things to do. (I find it interesting - but no surprise - that exercise wasn’t on the listJ).

My life needs a little more white space right now – some down time. Time to just listen to what it is that God might want me to do with this gift of time I’ve been given. I hope that I can learn to enjoy some of the white stuff – the quiet, empty spaces in life where peace and centeredness can be found. I’ll be working on that this week…’tis the season for white stuff, right?

photo courtesy of dojogio.tumblr.com.

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