Ten Months or Ten Years

My neighbor Marilyn told me a story from her Weight Watchers meeting and I knew it would come in handy this week. This is about the time (almost six weeks in) that I start to waver just a little so I’m surrounding myself this week with “can do” stories of encouragement and examples of what can happen if I stay focused.
Marilyn shared that a woman at her meeting reached her 100 pound weight loss goal and the group was there to help celebrate her success. I’m inspired! I’m ready to join her in the “no longer obese” club!  What an amazing feat…100 pounds; however to me the most interesting thing about this story is that it took this woman ten years to lose the weight.
Not ten months, but ten years. That's an average of ten pounds per year. S-L-O-W progress. Wow….talk about perseverance. What a terrific example of commitment to a long-term goal.
If I’m only six weeks in and already wavering, than am I really committed to my goal? I gained a pound this week and it makes sense with the week I’ve had. But I’m learning to look at all that went well, like when a box of See’s candy arrived at my office last week (and I’m talking Nuts & Chews people!), I promptly took out one caramel and then hoofed it over to J-Cat’s office (one of my accountability partners and good friends) where I told her to take them from me.  I’m determined to keep going. The scale doesn’t tell the whole story – and if it takes me ten months or ten years to get it done…I tell you now. I am going to do it.

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