Run, Cindy, Run!

I’m going to try a new focus. Watching the numbers on the scale is not motivating me right now and I’m not being successful in my loss. I just don’t seem to care right now, and if I don’t care, then I know I will not see change. I feel like a lump…like I’m just sitting here waiting for change rather than really working for it.

This week I’m going to focus on miles walked/run. This week I signed up for a 10K in May – money is paid and it’s a flat run by the water which is my favorite. I have a set run schedule and now that I’m healthier I’m going to work the schedule. Maybe a new focus will shake things up.

I also realize that sometimes it’s ok to etch-a-sketch…to start all over again and I may just do that. But if I do that then I discount the real struggle I’m going through to lose and isn’t the struggle an important thing to take note of and appreciate?

So for now…I will focus on a new mantra for the week and see how it goes….
Run, Cindy, Run!

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