Unwrap the Gifts Within

We just returned from visiting my in-laws in New Mexico where it snowed like crazy. I stood in wonder as I watched the desert become blanketed with snow. It felt like a special gift to us during our visit....so beautiful and unexpected - I love gifts like that, don't you?.

I've recently discovered another gift that I am slowly unwrapping:

I've found peace around my weight loss goals.

I'm learning more about myself and my ability to honor my body. I've rediscovered my will power. I've rediscovered my values around taking care of myself. This peace is new to me. I'm not in a hurry. I'm not holding myself hostage to every choice I make. I am taking this one day at a time and am honoring myself with kindness, patience and love. I know for certain that in God all things are possible - even weight loss!

I'm excited to see what else I find as I continue to unwrap the gifts within.

What are the gifts that you have discovered within?
Photo by Eric Kamp

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  1. Beautiful sentiments... and 8 lbs lost wahoo!!!!!